The Relevance of Society for Science | Streams of Knowledge 2021

14 May – Lisbon, Hybrid conference

Organized by Ciência Viva, in partnership with Ecsite, the European Network of Science Centres and Museums. The role of science in society has been more visible than ever in the last year and is the subject of ample debate. However, the way society contributes to the advancement of science and of knowledge in general is often undervalued. In a society based on democratic values, citizens vote, post and make choices. They have therefore the power to support policies that promote or hinder the advancement of knowledge. The European Green Deal is based on the best science and requires every citizen to be on board. This conference is part of Streams of Knowledge, in anticipation of National Scientists´ Day, commemorated every 16 May. National Scientists´ Day was established by the Portuguese Parliament in 2016 in homage to José Mariano Gago.


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Programme (schedule in WEST)

10:00 - 10:20 Opening

  • Rosalia Vargas | President of Ciência Viva
  • Manuel Heitor | Minister of Science Technology and Higher Education 
  • Elisa Ferreira | European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms

10:20 - 10:50

The Relevance of Society for Science | National Scientists´ Day

  • Alexandre Quintanilha | Researcher and Member of the Portuguese Parliament


10:50 - 10:55

Over to youngsters with the Ciência Viva TIN TIM

teen [ti:n]  | team [ti:m] 
  • Luana Peixoto | Student, CED Nossa Senhora da Conceição | Astropi, robotics, CanSat Junior
  • Isabel Avillez | Student, Escola Secundária de Cascais | EUSDC

10:55 - 11:10

Meet a Scientist ”: children at the Ciência Viva School meet Pedro Abreu , Researcher, LIP - Laboratory of Instrumentation and Experimental Particle Physics, Lisbon

11:10 - 11:40

CONCISE - Communication role on perception and beliefs of EU citizens about science

  • Ana Delicado | Researcher, Institute for Social Sciences, University of Lisbon


11:40 - 11:45

Over to youngsters with the Ciência Viva  TIN TIM

teen [ti:n]  | team [ti:m] 
  • Afonso Sussani | Student, Agrupamento Pedro Eanes Lobato, Amora – Seixal | Mooncamp Challenge
  • Bruno Pauleta | Student, Agrupamento Pedro Eanes Lobato, Amora – Seixal | Mooncamp Challenge

11:45 - 12:45

Social inclusion and empowerment of citizens | Reverse Session 

Moderator: Rosalia Vargas | President of Ciência Viva                           

  • Raquel Gaspar | Biologist, President and Founder of Ocean-Alive 
  • Maria José Costa | President of AMONET, Portuguese Association of Women Scientists
  • Alexandra Teodósio | Vice-Rector at University of Algarve and Researcher at CCMAR
  • Pedro Russo | Researcher at University of Leiden

12:45 - 12:50

Over to youngsters with the Ciência Viva TIN TIM

teen [ti:n]  | team [ti:m] 
  • Mário Villas | Student, Escola Secundária Sebastião da Gama, Oeiras | EUSDC , Clube Ciência Viva
  • Maria João Lopes | Student, Escola Secundária Sebastião da Gama, Oeiras | EUSDC , Clube Ciência Viva

12:50 - 14:00

Lunch Break

14:00 - 14:30    

The Relevance of Science Centres for Science

Moderator: Catherine Franche | Executive Director, Ecsite, Brussels;

  • Kim Gladstone Herlev | CEO, Experimentarium Copenhagen
  • Barbara Streicher | Executive Manager of Science Centre Netzwerk, Vienna
  • Robert Firmhofer | CEO, Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw
  • Amito Haarhuis | Director, Rijksmuseum Boerhaave, Leiden
  • Anna Omedes | Director, Natural Science Museum of Barcelona
  • Bruno Maquart | Chairman and CEO, Universcience, Paris and President of Ecsite

14:30 - 14:40   

Over to Ciência Viva Science Centres

  • Ivone Fachada | Executive Director, Bragança Ciência Viva Science Centre
  • João Carvalho Vieira | Executive Director, Casa da Ciência de Braga, Associated Ciência Viva Science Centre
  • Paulo Trincão | Director, Exploratório, Coimbra Ciência Viva Science Centre; Director, Museum of the University of Coimbra

14:40 - 15:30    

Smart people want smart solutions | Reverse Session

Moderator: Ana Noronha , Director of Ciência Viva

  • Catarina Selada | Head of City Lab, CEiiA, Centre of Engineering and Product Development, Matosinhos
  • Susana Sargento | Researcher, Instituto de Telecomunicações, University of Aveiro
  • Helena Canhão | Researcher, NOVA University of Lisbon and Patient Innovation
  • Liliana Ferreira | Executive Director, Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, Porto


European Policy in a Complex World | European Commission Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM)

Download the report here

  • Elvira Fortunato | Vice-Rector, NOVA University of Lisbon, Researcher, Director of CENIMAT

Over to society: 

  • Àngel Font | Chair of the European Foundation Centre, and Corporate Director of Research and Health of "La Caixa" Foudation
  • Miha Kos | CEO of Hiša eksperimentov (The House of Experiments), Ljubljana
  • Mikko Myllykoski | CEO of Heureka Finnish Science Centre, Vantaa
  • Nuno Ferrand | Scientific Coordinator, CIBIO-InBIO, University of Porto, and Natural History Museum of the University of Porto


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