Streams of Knowledge - National Scientists' Day 2022

This is the sixth edition of the Streams of Knowledge conference cycle that pays tribute to José Mariano Gago, on the day of his birth. The National Scientists' Day was established by a Resolution of the Portuguese parliament *, to celebrate and recognize the relevant and innovative historical contribution of the scientific community to the advancement of knowledge, and thus to the progress and welfare of society.

This year Streams of Knowledge will be take place on 16 and 17 May, during the Science 2022 Meeting, at the Lisbon Congress Centre. The annual meeting of Portuguese researchers promotes a broad debate on the main topics and challenges of the scientific agenda. It aims to foster interaction between researchers, the business sector and the general public. Science 2022 is promoted by the Foundation for Science and Technology in collaboration with Ciência Viva - National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture and the Parliamentary Committee for Education and Science,with the institutional support of the government through the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education.

Ciência Viva centres will also celebrate this date across the country, with a varied programme.

Lisbon Congress Centre Programme

17 MAY

14:00 – 15:30 - "A FUTURE MARKED BY WATER"

Auditorium 1

The future that awaits us will be marked by water. How can education and science communication contribute to a public debate on water? Join this conversation moderated by Pedro Russo, member of the Board of Directors of Ciência Viva.

Invited speakers:

    - Maria João Rosa, National Civil Engineering Laboratory
    - José Saldanha Matos, Instituto Superior Técnico
    - Leonor Amaral, CENSE, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, New University of Lisbon
    - Carla Maria Gomes, Institute of Social Sciences


    - Sofia Lourenço, Ciência Viva

16 MAY


Auditorium 1

The complex interaction between science and society is an active and well-established area of research. The role of science in society was more visible than ever during the fight against the pandemic. Once a new normality is restored, it will be important to continue to mobilize citizens to support scientists´ work and participate in the scientific development. A two-way relationship that will allow us to face new challenges that lie ahead. In this session new ways of engagement will be presented and discussed. What is its state of play? Join the debate moderated by Pedro Russo, director of Ciência Viva. Session in English.

Invited speakers:

    - Mohamed Daoud, American University of Cairo, Egypt.
    - Matteo Merzagora, TRACES, France, and Thinker in Residence at Ciência Viva
    - Ana Delicado, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon


    - Pedro Russo, Ciência Viva


Buffet dinner with musical interventions and lectures by researchers. Join us for a feast with science and music.

20:30 – 21:30

Auditorium 1 | The sound of the stars

An astronomer and a jazz group guide us on this journey through space. Images of galaxies and black holes, most recently obtained from the European Southern Observatory and the James Webb Telescope, form the backdrop of this real-time voyage without borders.
    - Carlos Martins, Músico, Saxofonista, saxophonist, composer and artistic director of Festa do Jazz
    - Pedro Russo, Director of Ciência Viva

Auditorium 2 | Science and Art: Marriage or Divorce?

Students from the jazz ensemble of the Sintra Conservatory offer their instruments to carry out scientific experiments such as measuring the speed of sound or the physical dimensions of the instrument. Instruments and organic molecules are compared in this dialogue between science and art.
    - Sintra Musical Conservatory
    - Adelino Galvão, Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon

Auditorium 3 | Other cultures, other music

The dynamics and politics of migrations seen from a scientific-humanistic perspective and united by the music of ANIM, an Afghan orchestra welcomed in Portugal since 2021.
    - ANIM Orchestra (Afghanistan National Institute of Music)
    - Maria Lucinda Fonseca, Centre for Geographical Studies of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning of the University of Lisbon.


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